The spread of Western (especially American) culture throughout the world. Also: Coca-Cola-nization, cocacolanization.
Example Citation:
"Things have changed a lot over the years," said Jean-Philippe Mathy, a native Frenchman who teaches at the University of Illinois and authored "French Resistance: The French-American Culture Wars."
"The youth have been great consumers of American clothes and products, ever since the '70s," Mathy said. The ongoing opposition to "Coca-Colanization," as it has long been called, comes mostly from French cultural elites and "what's left of the radical left," he said.
— Scott Leith, "Coke makes an art of selling in France," Cox News Service, August 26, 2002
Earliest Citation:
What has been called the creeping Coca-Colanization of the world has been the major U.S. business story since World War II, with international activity now accounting for one-third of all U.S. corporate profits.
— Joanne Omang, "A New Form Of Protectionism," The Washington Post, July 23, 1978
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